1. Where are TLM boats built? Our boats are proudly built, one at a time, right here in beautiful Lake Havasu City, Arizona USA!

  2. Do you have new boats in stock? Sometimes! However we primarily build to order. Check our Inventory page for details.

  3. How long does it take to build a boat? Depending on the level of detail and options, generally 12-16 weeks.

  4. How do I order a new boat? Give us a call to discuss details and options, we’ll write up a Purchase Agreement and get started.

  5. What will my new boat look like? We provide a 2D rendering of your boat for approval, prior to starting the build.

  6. Do you need a down payment? We generally expect a 50% deposit on all custom orders to begin construction.

  7. Do you offer financing? Currently, we have no in-house financing options available. We can refer you to a lender.

  8. Do you ship boats? We do not provide transportation services, but will assist any transporter contracted to haul our boats.

  9. Do you have used boats? We do aquire used minis from time to time. Check our Inventory page for details.

  10. Do you sell mini boat parts? We do have a decent inventory of mini specific parts and accessories. Check our Shop for more.

Still Have Questions?